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Because each country's shipping is different, we only USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland free shipping.

We will charge $ 10, as our packaging, China's export taxes and other expenses.

We ship internationally via UPS, AAE, EMS Express shipping company.
.Shipping charge will be calculated after your order submitted.
Shipping time:
The orders confirmed before 3PM in Beijing , China Time will be arranged in the next day. Or will be arrangde the next two days. We will ship the items out within THREE BUSINESS DAYS from the arranging time (excluding some special cases). Referring to the shipping time to the destination, pls read the following info for reference:
Delivery Working Days:
Zone 1:
Western Europe
Zone 2:
Eastern Europe
Zone 3:
U.S.A., Canada
Zone 4:
Southeast Asia
Zone 5:
Zone 6:
Australia, New Zealand

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